Exert yourself with sport – then relax and recharge

On the mountain, ready, go!

Scaling the peaks and speeding down the slopes, with a stunning view and a clear head: the Engadine is naturally quite sporty and provides the ideal setting for activities and training at any level. Whether in summer or winter, holidaymakers and sports enthusiasts ready to get outdoors and get active will find a wealth of prepared trails and slopes all around the high valley in one of Switzerland’s most enthralling natural sceneries. The Giardino Mountain power retreat is located right in the middle of the action, and as a sophisticated starting point offers everything you need to recharge your batteries. Simply unbeatable as a team.

Set new limits with the pros

Giardino’s sports partners

Goals are there to be achieved. Our sports partners are there to help you set new limits. The Giardino sports partners are professional athletes or innovative sports brands that have established their international reputation by demonstrating determination and perseverance. They share their knowledge and products with everybody looking to find sporting inspiration at Giardino Mountain and push their performance to new limits.

Sports events and competitions

Everyone is a winner

High-altitude training in the Engadine produces many a surprising performance. It is therefore high time to measure yourself against other enthusiasts. In the region around St. Moritz, a number of sporting events and competitions, primarily held in summer, have become established in recent years and provide committed amateur athletes, in particular, with spectacular experiences. With our special sport packages, both participants and their companions are optimally provided for at Giardino Mountain. And for those looking for something tailored precisely to their needs, there is Giardino Unique. Here, everyone is a winner.

Winter activities

Snow: check. Panorama: check.

The ski area around St. Moritz can look back on a proud sporting history. It has achieved worldwide fame as the host of Olympic Games and the Alpine World Ski Championships. It in fact really doesn’t take much: simply perfect snow and a breathtaking setting. And St. Moritz has this in spades. Thanks to its altitude and modern snow cannon systems, the resort is deemed reliable when it comes to guaranteed snow. Whether on the slopes, cross-country skiing trails or the lake, you can find optimal conditions for snow activities everywhere. A sporting winter wonderland – and Giardino Mountain is located right at the heart of it.

Summer activities

Full of rejuvenating energy

Lush green, turquoise lakes and a majestic panorama: the mountain summer in the Engadine is simply perfect for sporting activities. While summer in the lowlands is approached in a more sedate fashion and the cities fill up with tourists, the area around Giardino Mountain offers perfect training temperatures and allows guests to enjoy the energising calm of the surrounding nature. Simply perfect for sporting fun or a focused training programme. Giardino Mountain provides support in the form of first-class equipment and professional knowledge.