Casual luxury near St. Moritz

The power retreat with a mountain vibe

The Engadine, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, is an area full of excitement – a place where powerful energy meets breathtaking beauty. Just like at Giardino Mountain in Champfèr near St. Moritz. As a power retreat, the five-star hotel is a place of retreat for demanding senses, a place to relax and enjoy yourself. However, it is also a place of power, a starting point for sporting discoveries right across the majestic mountain massif. At Giardino Mountain, relaxation characterised by casual luxury and active challenges complement one another in an effortless fashion to provide a first-class mountain experience. The Mountain is calling!

In 2015, Giardino Mountain was named “Europe’s most beautiful mountain hotel” by the GEO Saison magazine. Its outstanding offering is further confirmed by:

A score of 9.1 and a rating of “Superb” on
2 Michelin stars and 17 Gault Millau points for the Ecco Restaurant

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Alpine yet sophisticated

Events for guests and neighbours

Opposites attract, or so the saying goes. At Giardino Mountain, they even fraternise with one another and combine to pamper the senses. While the hotel’s exterior has maintained its rustic charm, a cosmopolitan heart beats inside. Cuisine from Japan, India and across Asia as a whole is regularly served up and invites guests’ taste buds to embark on a culinary journey of discovery. However, regional dishes are also an essential part of the melting pot of Champfèr. All events can be found below or are available to download here: Giardino Mountain – winter events.

The feel-good factor

Offers and packages

It’s the little things in life that make all the difference – those finishing touches that set the mood, put a smile on your face and bring joy to everyone around. And since making people happy is an essential component of Mediterranean hospitality, Giardino Mountain always has a few little surprises in store for its guests – even before their arrival. Any place wanting to be a real power retreat must of course also offer something for sports enthusiasts and families. For everybody else, there are these small feel-good tips.

Keep calm

Weekly yoga sessions and retreats

The Giardino Mountain is an alpine retreat for body and mind. The mind is especially required in one’s everyday life and needs to be relieved to keep its calmness. The weekly yoga sessions or frequent retreats help to relax, let go and save time to be completely with itself. For more peace and well-being – even if you are not staying at the power retreat. Namaste!


The Winter Issue 2016/2017

A picture is often worth more than a thousand words – but pictures don’t tell us the stories behind them or where the inspiration came from, and, above all, they don’t give anyone a chance to have their say. In the Giardino magazine, we give both pictures and words free rein to reveal the charm and character of what lies in store. This winter’s highlights:

Glamour is my art – When Andy Warhol’s muse makes an appearance
Free fall – When the World Ski Championships get underway in St. Moritz
Great taste – When patisserie chefs steal the show in Zurich
High speed – When a tunnel becomes a record-breaker

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Giardino Group

Luxurious nonchalance

“Giardino” is Italian and means garden. Intense, diversified and full of natural perfection. A place of regeneration and so full of individuality, that every detail deserves its own moment. The Giardino Retreats and Resorts are just like this garden and offer a surprisingly fresh interpretation of luxury hotels and creative cuisine. They all combine casual ambiance, superior service and charismatic design to a places of Mediterranean joie de vivre – whether in sunny Ticino, alpine altitudes or urban areas. Giardino unites the most attractive facets of Switzerland with a good dosage of sunny hospitality.